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The goal of the California Energy Commission sponsored California Local Energy Assurance Planning (CaLEAP) program is to assist local governments (cities and counties) become more resilient during energy disruptions; ensuring energy supply (e.g., electricity, natural gas, liquid fuels) to “key assets" through the identification of actionable projects. The emphasis of “key assets” is to ensure functionality of essential services, thus protecting safety and public health while minimizing economic loss. Meeting this goal will assist local governments better prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate against potential emergencies that impact energy.

The CaLEAP program builds upon recent work coordinated by the US Department of Energy (DOE). Using material produced for the DOE effort; and leveraging other efforts (Federal Emergency Management Agency), CaLEAP developed an approach to becoming more energy resilient. There are three (3) main components to the CaLEAP program: 1) a California-specific program methodology that outlines a comprehensive, strategic approach for a local government to become more energy resilient; 2) technical assistance to: increase local energy expertise; gain awareness of impacts, interdependencies, and dependencies; recognize hazard exposure and vulnerabilities; and to identify actions and projects that include new and evolving energy technologies; and, 3) a Planning Tool to support local governments through the methodology.

A driving force behind the CaLEAP program is encouraging local governments to go through a comprehensive, strategic approach (the CaLEAP methodology). This enables local governments to make better decisions; providing justification (or rationale) for their actions and projects. This Planning Tool was designed to capture that approach. The Planning Tool acts as a virtual office for Planning Team members; this is of particular value when including Planning Team members from outside of your organization. While the Planning Tool covers a “start-to-finish” approach; it does not require a step-by-step approach to complete. It is important to note that the Planning Tool was developed with the understanding that it would change as dictated by end-users; and future advancements of the CaLEAP program.

In order to start "saving" information in the Planning Tool, you must be a registered user. To register, select the “Register” button on the top right. If your local government is not on the list please use the “Contact Us” link on the bottom of the Planning Tool and indicated your local government (City or County). Once you are registered and log in, please selected the “Planning Tool” tab where you will be able to select your starting point. For convenience, the Planning Tool also includes a tab for resources (CaLEAP documents, relevant documents, website links) and a glossary of key terms.

Sponsored by the California Energy Commission through the U.S. Department of Energy
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